Victor E. Rodríguez

Victor E. Rodríguez

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Victor Eduardo Rodríguez


Caracas, Venezuela




Caracas, Venezuela


BS in Computer Science,
Advanced Character Animation Studies


Any and Every form of Art

About me

I'm a 3D character animator, generalist and teacher. I'm looking for an animator's position in a team, where I can breath life into characters with creative and entertaining character animation. I'm passionate about character animation and storytelling, easygoing, easy to direct and always open to feedback.

Specialties: 3D Character Animation, 3D Generalist, Autodesk Maya Instructor

I can legally work in any European Union country.

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My Skills

  • Passionate about character animation and storytelling
  • Easygoing, easy to direct and always open to feedback
  • “Strong timing and sense of blocking” – Bret Parker, Pixar
  • “Strong acting and directorial choices” – James Chiang, Sony
  • Deep understanding of stereoscopic cinema and general computer graphics.

Autodesk Maya

MEL Scripting

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Premiere

Adobe After Effects


curriculum vitae

Work Experience

Owner, Chair & Teacher


10 Years

January 2005 - Present

Run and promote the company, manage human, financial and physical resources. Teach Autodesk Maya and other CG topics both in a Classroom and Online.

3D Generalist

CastilloMax Oil and Gas, S.A.

3 Months

April 2014 - July 2014

Developed low poly industrial models and animations for a Unity based CAD/CAE system for designing and visualizing oil terminals.

3D Character Animator

Dygra Films

7 Months

February 2010 - September 2010

3D Character Animator for the movie "Holy Night!", nominated for Best Animated Feature Film at the Goya Awards 2016 (Spain)

Maya Springboard Trainer

Animation Mentor

Teach Autodesk Maya to the school’s students. Attend online Q&A sessions with the students


Diploma Course in Advanced Character Animation Studies

Animation Mentor

18 Months

January 2008 - July 2009

Mentored by:
Paul Allen (Terminal Reality)
Jason Martinsen (Blue Sky Studios)
Scott Carroll (Blue Sky Studios)
Bret Parker (Pixar Animation Studios)
Kenny Roy (Arconyx Animation Studios)
James Chiang (Sony Pictures Animation - 2006)

B.S. in Computer Science

Universidad Simón Bolívar

6 Years

September 1991 - March 1998

Minored in Computer Graphics and Operating Systems, Overseas internship at the University of New Mexico, USA, where I worked in the Homunculus Immersive Virtual Reality project and developed an OpenGL-based cross-platform GUI library, under the tutelage of Edward Angel, Ph.D., Computer Graphics pioneer and author of the "Interactive Computer Graphics" textbook (Addison-Wesley).

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