Victor E. Rodríguez

Victor E. Rodríguez

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Victor Eduardo Rodríguez


Caracas, Venezuela




Caracas, Venezuela


BS in Computer Science,
Advanced Character Animation Studies


Any and Every form of Art

About me

I'm a 3D character animator, generalist and teacher. I'm looking for an animator's position in a team, where I can breath life into characters with creative and entertaining character animation. I'm passionate about character animation and storytelling, easygoing, easy to direct and always open to feedback.

Specialties: 3D Character Animation, 3D Generalist, Autodesk Maya Instructor

I can legally work in any European Union country.

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My Skills

  • Passionate about character animation and storytelling
  • Easygoing, easy to direct and always open to feedback
  • “Strong timing and sense of blocking” – Bret Parker, Pixar
  • “Strong acting and directorial choices” – James Chiang, Sony
  • Deep understanding of stereoscopic cinema and general computer graphics.

Autodesk Maya

MEL Scripting

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Premiere

Adobe After Effects


curriculum vitae

Work Experience

Owner, Chair & Teacher


10 Years

January 2005 - Present

Run and promote the company, manage human, financial and physical resources. Teach Autodesk Maya and other CG topics both in a Classroom and Online.

3D Generalist

CastilloMax Oil and Gas, S.A.

3 Months

April 2014 - July 2014

Developed low poly industrial models and animations for a Unity based CAD/CAE system for designing and visualizing oil terminals.

3D Character Animator

Dygra Films

7 Months

February 2010 - September 2010

3D Character Animator for the movie "Holy Night!".

Maya Springboard Trainer

Animation Mentor

Teach Autodesk Maya to the school’s students. Attend online Q&A sessions with the students


Diploma Course in Advanced Character Animation Studies

Animation Mentor

18 Months

January 2008 - July 2009

Mentored by:
Paul Allen (Terminal Reality)
Jason Martinsen (Blue Sky Studios)
Scott Carroll (Blue Sky Studios)
Bret Parker (Pixar Animation Studios)
Kenny Roy (Arconyx Animation Studios)
James Chiang (Sony Pictures Animation - 2006)

B.S. in Computer Science

Universidad Simón Bolívar

6 Years

September 1991 - March 1998

Minored in Computer Graphics and Operating Systems, Overseas internship at the University of New Mexico, USA, where I worked in the Homunculus Immersive Virtual Reality project and developed an OpenGL-based cross-platform GUI library, under the tutelage of Edward Angel, Ph.D., Computer Graphics pioneer and author of the "Interactive Computer Graphics" textbook (Addison-Wesley).

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